Our Team

Our Team

Our team members are experts at helping you place insurance on your home, vehicle, travel plans, business, and more!

Ken Addison

Ken has been in the insurance industry for 20+ years and has worked with some of the industry leaders. He has gained a wealth of knowledge in a multitude of commercial insurance areas. Along with that knowledge, experience and an ever-growing clientele, it only made sense that Ken follows his dream by opening his own insurance brokerage. This dream would not have been possible without the support and encouragement from many of his long-term clients.

Ken believes that building strong relationships with clients is key to understanding their needs and priorities when it comes to purchasing insurance coverage.

Ken states ” Nexus Insurance Brokers will never stop looking for ways of improving our customer service, products and pricing in the ever changing insurance industry ” .


Nathan Cheng

Nathan has been in the insurance industry since 2009 with a background in commercial insurance. Having spent most of his time on the brokerage side, Nathan has gained a wide range of commercial knowledge dealing with all sorts of complex accounts. Since joining Nexus Insurance Brokers, Nathan is the primary contact with all commercial and surety accounts.

Having completed his CAIB designation near the end of 2016, Nathan’s goals are to further his knowledge in the insurance industry by completing his CIP in the near future.

Shalig Sharma

Shalig brings a vast knowledge of experience in business insurance to our team. He has been in the industry for 30+ years and has worked in both underwriting with major insurers, as well as sales on the brokerage side. He has helped literally thousands of business owners find the right solutions for their insurance needs, and looks forward to helping many many more.

Sandra Savage

Sandra Savage is an insurance professional, with 15 years plus experience with home insurance. She will take you from start to finish, educating her clients about their specific needs, and options; when it come to their personal insurance. Providing them with information they need to make an informed decision.

Sandra has worked in the industry on the broker side, with her focus on home insurance, high value home, course of construction, condo, plus RV’s, ATVs, boats, and travel. With a strong customer service skills, she is focus on giving you’re the best advise possible, when it comes to your home insurance needs.

Serena Brownsmith

Serena is a personal line account manager at InsureLine Nexus, where Serena processes home insurance from start to finish, including new application and renewal. She also educating clients about their different insurance needs. Serena has worked with different insurance brokerage since 2009 including SunLife Financial and Tugo, among others. Serena helps homeowners and new buyers with insurance that suits their budget and proper coverage.

Melissa Litchfield

Melissa Litchfield is a local Tri-City Insurance Specialist. She started her career in 2008 with a focus on Marine and ICBC fleet. Her outstanding customer service afforded more opportunities, and is a great asset to the InsureLine Team.

Assisting clients with all of their insurance needs from auto, tenants, homeowners and business. She provides accurate advice and will direct you to the right Insurance market.

Chase Addison

Chase Addison has been working with Nexus Insurance since 2015, assisting with Marketing and Administration.

Also enrolled full time in business at Douglas College, he is able to bring the very latest in a variety of skills and marketing ideas to Nexus, some of which have been applied immediately to help the company run as efficiently as possible.